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All Camp Gatherings


Remember doing the Chicken Dance or the Hokey Pokey? How about games like hot potato or telephone or charades? We VALUE the idea that playing together makes us a better community.  Many campers say that they love the opportunity to laugh and play with ALL ages during these all camp gatherings.





Fireside Time



Fireside time provides another setting to really highlight the mountain culture found here in Western North Carolina. From traditional old time tunes and songs to a bit of bluegrass music and stories that come from the various regions nearby, fireside time gives us that feeling of connectedness. Not to mention we have the best puppet shows around!









Special Events


The Barn Dance on Friday night at Folk Camp highlights our region's style of big circle mountian dancing. With a live band, great callers and a full dance floor the evening is truly an intergenerational event. Every now and then the Bannerman family and friends do a short clog dancing demonstration and encourage others to join in.  




ThemeParty 1

Have you ever been to a party where the theme was carried out in every detail? The refreshments, games, activities, dancing, costumes and decorations really bring the event to life. Saturday night at Folk Camp is always a highlight of the weekend. The Bannermans plan for months to make the evening special for all ages. We have been known to have a sock hop, create our own olympic games, travel across the country on a road trip and fall down the rabbit hole into Bannerman Wonderland! Campers are encouraged (NOT required) to get creative with costumes. We just want everyone to have fun!