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The Bannerman Family, every one of them!

Every year the Bannerman family grows larger and larger! In 1969 camp began with Glenn, Evelyn and their 4 children - Craig, Ren, Beth, and Lee Ann. Next came spouses, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We are a family of four generations, each of whom contributes individual skills to this unique weekend. We are committed to providing the best experience for every camper; from the youngest to the eldest. That's why everyone keeps coming back!

The Bannerman Siblings

The family who started it all 50 plus years ago. They envisioned a camp where young and old folks could come together to dance, celebrate, and build community together. We think they've done a mighty fine job, just ask our campers who come back year after year after year!

Frank McConnell

Music and StoryTelling
Performing along with Sourwood Ridge for night-time entertainment and live music for dancing. In addition Frank is a story-teller, song leader, kids' class teacher and hosts an afternoon open music jam.

Marcie Van Cleave

International Folk Dance Instructor
Marcie brings a wealth of experience in traditional music and dance to camp. Since the mid-80s, she has been teaching dancing with high energy, good spirits and humor. We are very pleased and excited to welcome back Marcie as one of our dance leaders.

Claire Takemori

Contras and Squares

Claire is passionate about sharing the joy of music, dance, and community, and is known for her friendly, clear teaching and calling, as well as bringing a fun, variety of dances. She is a life-long dancer, caller, organizer, musician, and sound tech & has led dances in Hawaii and all-across the country.

Genie Pannell

Puppeteer and Teacher
Genie is a delightful instructor and puppeteer. She has been playing with puppets since the early 70s. At Camp she leads the children in making creative and unique puppets during morning classes.

Reid and Kelly Kirkpatrick

Recreation and Childcare
Long time staff members, Reid and Kelly are essential to Camp! Reid leads kids' classes that feature high energy activities and games. Kelly provides childcare for the infant and toddler campers during morning class time.

Sourwood Ridge

House Band
Three Western North Carolina string band veterans make up Sourwood Ridge: Craig Bannerman (bass, vocals), Troy Harrison (banjo, guitar, mandolin, vocals), Scott Owenby (guitar, mandolin, vocals). Each has an extensive musical history and a true love of performing traditional mountain music. They will be joined by several other musicians during the weekend for both entertainment and dance music.