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2024 Adult Class Options

Folk Toys

Instructors: Bruce Gunn and Craig Bannerman, Brother-in-laws who both have a love of wood, artistry and teaching

In the tradition of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Glenn Bannerman, Bruce and Craig will offer a class in making traditional mountain folk toys, such as gee-haw whimmy diddles, string powered buzz saws, rope makers, bull roar, fish toss and paddleboat. All supplies provided but you bring the bandaids! 

Class limited to 15

Puppet Making

Instructor: Mary Evelyn Gunn, Seamstress, Custom Clothing Designer, Costume Designer

Learn how to make a puppet using patterns and provided materials!  You'll get to choose from a few different templates, pick your materials and get creative with who you decide to make.  Learn how to read a very simple pattern, how to find the grain line, cut and assemble a puppet.  And learn some basic techniques on how make your puppet talk, sing and yodel!  We'll share some ideas for a “grown up puppet show" and see where our outrageous ideas take us.  Let's have some silly, good fun and get to know one another in this puppet making class!

Class limited to 10

Cooking: Foods for Entertaining!

Instructors: Tamara Gunn and Thomas Hardenbergh, Professional Chefs for 2 decades working in restaurants, private chef work and catering.

This year at camp we will focus on entertaining foods. foods to bring to a potluck, or set out when you have guests, dishes that carry well if you’re visiting friends and family. Food that is served when you want to build community.  We’ll touch on some American favorites, then travel around the world to many other countries to learn some of their staples for mezze, antipasti, and tapas, etc.

Class limited to 12

Folk Dancing

Instructors: Claire Takemori and Marcie Van Cleave

If dancing is your jam, then this class is for you! Contras, squares, round, line, international, mixers, novelty, partner and non-partner dances! It will be a time to enjoy the leadership of Claire and Marcie as they share their love of dancing with you. They will work together both days to assure a variety of dances are taught.

Whether this is your first year or 15th year at camp our dance leaders will lead you in a way that makes learning easy and fun. Join with them as they take you around the world through dance!

Space not limited!